Monday, June 14, 2004

I feel the weight of the world this morning, so I am forcing myself to write this entry to think of more 'lighter' things. All my favorite reality shows are over for the time being, so as good therapy for myself, as very boring thing for anyone reading this, I will post my comments here below!

I really liked Bill and I am glad he won, but I am not sure he really 'deserved' to win. I feel like he stayed under the radar for the whole show, not doing anything particularly bad, nor anything particularly brilliant either. I really liked Amy and Nick, even Troy to me was a better choice to win the show (even though he had no degree, to me that was a non-issue), all these three showed a go attitude and were willing to do anything to get ahead. They had brilliant ideas and many times it was their ideas that won challenges for them. Oh well. What about OMAROSA you might ask? Let's not ask! LOL. I think she is one lying b**** that decided to play the race card as so many black people do when they are out of ideas on how to defend themselves for their behavior... they just have to blame others. I find this behavior awful. Even Oprah looked dismayed!!! That says it all. She did not deserve her 15 minutes of fame, and sadly, some soap opera hired her so we will get to see her more. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! OMAROSA GO AWAY!!!

I thought Jesse was very cute, although not really my type, but I also found him to be more blind and gullible than most. He asked his best friend to 'spy' but then when she tells him how awful Trish Trash was, he keeps her around anyway? I didn't get that. Trish is yet another Omarosa... lies lies lies!! She, like her Apprentice counterpart did everything she could to make the other girls look bad, and in the end, she looked even worse! My guess is she won't get a soap opera gig and thank goodness for that! As usual I did not agree with the final pick... it's really bizarre. With the first bachelor (Alex) I thought Trista was a much better choice than the girl he picked (oops... forgot her name) and, what a surprise, it didn't last. Then with Aaron (what a cutie!) I also thought that he should have picked the blonde instead of the brunette... the brunette (sorry, I can't remember their names) was a bit too stuck up in my view, too full of herself... their relationship did not last, what a surprise. Andrew was the only bachelor that picked the 'right' girl in my view. While their relationship hit the skids anyway, it did last longer than most and they are still very good friends as I hear. What to say about Bob? I thought he also picked the wrong girl in the end, and their relationship didn't really last either. I was not surprised.
I wish Jesse well, but I think Tara showed to be more in love with him than the other blonde he chose and felt she was a better match for him. But, what do I know?

I didn't see every minute of this show as I did the others, but I saw enough to root for RUPERT and to wonder how Boston Rob was not getting booted off. He was playing dirty games and false alliances with everyone and he played everyone for fools, and in the end he wins the girl who won the million? I don't get it. He only won because the others believed him, and he played everyone for fools. I guess if the others didn't win they deserved not to win because they were gullible enough! Not sure what else to say... I will not watch the wedding if it's televised, Boston Ron disgusted me and I doubt my opinion will change anytime soon. While I understand that this is a 'game', I also know that there is something to be said about decency and honor, which he had neither. BLAH.

This is by far my favorite 'reality' show. I love Kelly Clarkson and adore Clay Aiken. I have both their albums. I even have Justin Guarini's album (apparently I am one of the few?) and I actually thought it was really, really good!! I don't understand why it didn't sell.. then again, I love and even own the DVD of the movie From Justin to Kelly while many people didn't care for it (and the critics killed) but, hey, I guess that's just me.
This season was not as good as the last in my view, probably because I felt that there wasn't enough diversification. This season there were no strong male vocalists and the top 3 contenders (in my view-Fantasia, Jennifer and LaToya) were basically similar in their talent and ultimate place in the music world. Last season the top 4 were very different from each other, Josh Gracin was 'country' (and I will be buying his album when it comes out tomorrow) Kimberly Locke was pop/soul, Clay pure pop and Ruben pure soul. Having said that, I am happy that Fantasia won, and even though I felt that Jennifer and LaToya could have won as well and got booted off the show way too early, at the same time I do believe that Fantasia was the most talented of them all. She did give me chills afterall!