Monday, June 16, 2008

Here's a page I made of Nicky with his daddy, it's another Winni Scrapbooking lesson. This was the last lesson per se, and I am amazed how much I learned. Now I will be learning how to make scrapbook elements, look for my results here in my blog!


Second page I've done with Nicky's help! It came out real cute I think, this was Connor's FIRST birthday!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

These new pages today I did with Nicky's help! He picked the QuickPage and the pictures to use.

The first one was a trick we saw on the Scrapbook Memories TV show, he watched it and wanted me to do it, LOL.


The second one Nicky just decided to do a page from old Camp pictures, so, voila'.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

I talked to mom yesterday and she keeps wowing about these pages, so that entices me to keep it up. I've been thinking how to approach this. I guess what I need to do is go back to ALL my photos that I have lying around. My 11 year old told me he would help me :-). I will start by making piles of photos by decade. I will then tackle the oldest photos and scrap those the old fashioned way, BUT, the best ones I will scan and digiscrap. Once I have a certain amount of pages I will start scrapping either by person or, more likely, by year, or both I guess! I will start in July when we come back from CAMP. It should be a HUGE undertaking. I already scrapped all my baby pictures, but Nicky's... I stopped scrapping for lack of time in 1998, so I have 10 years worth of pictures that are just 'everywhere'. I feel bad about it, but at least I am starting now!

This first page... awww... it's some of my favorite pics. Connor was just a peanut. A quickpage from somewhere. Wish I knew where! Sorry!

Second page is my peanut once again, a few months later. Another QP...


Friday, June 06, 2008

If this page would have a title, I would call it 'The last time I saw you'.
Paola was one of my best friends growing up. While I did not meet her until my teen years, we became fast friends. We had so much in common it was scary. We liked the same music, liked the same guys, we watched the same shows (CHiPs was our 'drug' of choice, kind of ironic, since I just bought season 2 on DVD today! I waited 30 years for this!) and I could go on. She was the niece of a fellow DJ at the local radio station in Italy where I used to do the 'dedication' show on Sundays. Yes, I was a DJ, did I ever mention that? It was eons ago. After I moved to the US we use to write each other every week for years and years.

At any rate... Christmas 2001 was the last time I saw her on one of my trips to Italy. About a year later she went to the doctor because she could not get rid of her headaches. The doctors found a malignant tumor in her brain, and she died on February 29th, 2004, about a year after her diagnose, just a few months shy of her 39th birthday. Heartbreaking? I can't describe, really. If it would not have been a 'leap' year, she would have died March 1st, which is my Alex's anniversary of his birth/death. What about her daughter? Yes, the little girl in the picture, the one that took her 8 years to have after infertilty treatments and two IVFs that didn't work? Her little girl is being raised by her husband's parents, which is also ironic, since she herself was raised by her grandparents after her mother abandoned her.

While admittedly we weren't very close in her last years, I will never forget her sweet smile and how she brightened my life. I will miss you forever PAOLA!!!

Page was made from a kit called "Floral Frenzy" by Linda Walton of Her BLOG is here: I did use a couple of other elements (the alpha set and the tripleframe) from other unknown sources.

BIGGER VERSION of this page is here:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I did a couple of new pages today. This first one is a Winni Scrapbooking lesson-it's my sister Lorena with my dad on her wedding day in 1984. This is a rare occasion, my sister is a typical tomboy, so to see her with make-up and a dress on... all I can say is WOWIE!


Second photo... I was in my favorite city in Italy, Firenze, in 1998. Hard to believe it's been 10 years! BOO!