Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BIGGER version of this page can be seen here:

I got Nicky's spring pictures from school yesterday, so I looked up my pre-made layouts so I could show everyone! Nicky looks SO CUTE in this pic my heart melts. This pic was taken a few days after his dental surgery when the dentist removed 7 baby teeth! He's my trooper and always will. Hard to believe he's 11.5 years old. Where does time go? Where's my baby?

As a quick update on his EB... so far so stable. He's been sick so he's had a lot more mucus to deal with than normal, so he's been pretty miserable. Nicky has allergies that get better or worse depending on the time of the year. We think it has to do with pollen or whatever. Anytime we go anywhere like Arizona they disappear. We can't test him because allergies test need to be done on the skin... so...

Nicky is now in 6th grade and doing okay. This has been a TOUGH year schoolwise for him, but he's developed a liking for the Lemony Snickets books, he's also read the books from the movies Chronicles of Narnia, Spiderwick Chronicles & Mr. Magorium Magic Emporium. He's looking forward to CAMP as usual, which we'll go to toward the end of June. Next year he'll officially be in Middle School, I am really worried because the other middle school was horrible, so we'll have to move him to another mid-high nearby, which might be okay because all his friends from his elementary school days go there so he'll already have friends!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for my angel!

.. until next time!
hugs, Silvia

Here's another wonderful vintage page that I made with a quickpage (cheated once again, LOL-when I find out who made it, I will post the credits) it's a wonderfully old photo of my dad and his sisters. I am still a little fuzzy on the year, I asked my mom and she's supposed to email me back. My guess is that it was taken around 1943 or so. My dad looks about 12-13, and his sisters are 2 and 4 years younger than him, so I think it's about right. The big photo is the complete original photo, then I singled out the 3 siblings in the smaller ones, on the top my aunt Anna, below her my aunt Angela and on the bottom, of course, my daddy. My grandma for some reason always dressed my aunts the same even though they were 2 years apart.
The original photo is a bit ruined, I tried a bunch of restoring techniques with PSP, some worked wonderful with some of the other pictures, but the particular degree this photo is ruined made it impossible to use some of them so I did the best I could. This is still a lot better than the original, so I guess I should be happy with it, LOL.

MAY 3rd, 2008
UPDATE: I got word from my dad, he tells me the picture he 'thinks' was taken in 1943. He tells me he's not 100% positive, but that is what I thought, so I think it's probably correct! Here's the link for the final page!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Here's a cute one I did today of Nicky. These pictures were taken in 2002 and for some reason they were lost in a disc for a few years, I only found them when we moved in the new house and I got a new computer. At the time we had a digital camera (that Connor destroyed by taking it and putting it in a sink full of water-aargh... but that's a whole other story) that took mini-discs.

At any rate... Nicky is usually pretty afraid of animals in general, but he really liked this particular kitty that his stepsister got for a birthday gift. Of course he only liked the kitty while he was young, once he grew that was that and he would scream anytime it got a couple of feet away!!! LOL. Ahhh... my little Nicky looks so darn cute in these photos!!! I actually cheated once again and used a pre-made quick page made by Rita.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is my scrap lesson 30 of the Winni Scrapbooking lessons. This is probably one of my favorite vacations of my life. My mom's cousin Silvana unfortunately died of Cancer in 1974 and they were super-close, she was even my younger sister's Godmother. The following summer her husband and the children (my second cousins) who were alone and quite upset (as one can imagine) decided to vacation together with us in the Veneto region (in Italy, of course). At the time my grandparents owned two homes in a little village called Lusiana where they were born, married, and where my dad and his two sisters were born, so there was enough room and a spot for us to stay and visit the beautiful nearby spots such as Lake Garda, Venice etcetera.

I will never forget that summer. I loved both Pinuccia, who is a couple of years younger than me and her brother Gianni, a couple of years older than me. We basically grew up together. I am still close to them til this day and always make sure I visit them when I go to Italy.

Here's another page that I've done recently. I've always loved this picture! I am fairly sure it was taken in Italy in 1967, in the back of my uncle's truck or van or... whatever that was! I was 3 years old in the 'hat' in the forefront, ain't I cute? The other girl with the hat is my sister Lorena, she was 7. The other kids are our 'american' cousins (as we called them) all close in age to us. From left to right, Lisa (6), me, John (5), my sister and my oldest cousin Mary (8).

I cheated and used a QuickPage for this layout. Ha Ha. I am fairly sure the quickpage is from the fabulous Sindiego's Scraps.

I am still feeling BLAH, worse than ever, I don't know what is wrong with me, I feel very strange. I hope I am not sick! But how sick is it that Carly got voted off American Idol? I cried. BOO!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here's one I did for my little one. It was a Winni Scrap tutorial #29... notice the footsie coming out of the frame...

This tutorial was not very easy to do, I should have picked something more squarish or an easier shape, the foot was problematic, but I do love how it came out!

Here Connor was 7 months old and in his Easter outfit, I LOVE IT! At 7 months, Connor barely knew how to sit up well so I ended up taking almost 100 photos that day trying to get a good shot! This is one of the handful that came out good that day.

I am still feeling BLAH today emotionally, I just hope I don't get sick. My husband was so sick he had to go to the Doctor and that happens very rarely, so I hope the kids and I don't get sick as well.

Looking forward to American Idol tonight and Big Brother... ya know me, the Reality TV Queen!!

I haven't posted in a LONG time on this BLOG, but I wanted to re-start it because of my scrapbooking. My PERSONAL Blog is at Myspace... I like it there because it's private and only my friends can read it. THIS blog on the other hand is my scrapbooking blog. I hope you enjoy my attempts in learning digital scrapbooking!

I will post my new pages here and if I actually MAKE kits of some sort, QP or anything like that, I will post them here as well.