Friday, March 19, 2004

How bizarre is this?

I just love American Idol, so I am on the chat board for that show. Someone made a comment that one of the contestant had more of a ... ghetto attitude than the other contestants. Some got upset at this comment and came to the conclusion that this person making this 'ghetto' comment was a racist. Geez! That is not what ghetto means at all. To me ghetto, like I explained, is more of a general term for people that have a lower income, lower middle class basically. I was blasted for that, some people said it was 'offensive'. What the heck is offensive about being lower middle class? I was just making a statement, stating how things are, and explaining what the word meant into a broader sense, I was not trying to offend anyone! I think the original poster meant 'ghetto' as another way of saying 'urban', the people that grow up in lower income neighborhood pick up mannerism and attitudes that are simply different than those that grow up in Beverly Hills for example. There is nothing bad or negative about that, is just how things are. Some people need to stop being offended at every little word! Good flipping grief!!!