Sunday, June 08, 2008

I talked to mom yesterday and she keeps wowing about these pages, so that entices me to keep it up. I've been thinking how to approach this. I guess what I need to do is go back to ALL my photos that I have lying around. My 11 year old told me he would help me :-). I will start by making piles of photos by decade. I will then tackle the oldest photos and scrap those the old fashioned way, BUT, the best ones I will scan and digiscrap. Once I have a certain amount of pages I will start scrapping either by person or, more likely, by year, or both I guess! I will start in July when we come back from CAMP. It should be a HUGE undertaking. I already scrapped all my baby pictures, but Nicky's... I stopped scrapping for lack of time in 1998, so I have 10 years worth of pictures that are just 'everywhere'. I feel bad about it, but at least I am starting now!

This first page... awww... it's some of my favorite pics. Connor was just a peanut. A quickpage from somewhere. Wish I knew where! Sorry!

Second page is my peanut once again, a few months later. Another QP...