Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Can't help but wonder...

I am lying here awake trying to google an answer to what happens to me at night to no avail.

For years now, on and off, starting after my divorce in 1999, when I am ready to go to sleep, and after I turn off the TV and turn off the lights, I truly feel as if what I can only describe as 'someone that I can't see' gently gets into my bed and lies next to me. It never happens if someone else is in bed with me, my husband or my son, only when I am alone. For a time I would literally wait for it to come and then I felt 'safe'. It's really kind of bizarre.

Several months ago some spooky things happened in my bedroom. I heard noises, I truly thought my son came into the room,  but all I saw was some small moving faint lights. I was a little spooked so I told 'it' to go away and to please stop scaring me. I never felt that presence again until last night! I was shocked. When my husband came home (around midnight)it felt like it got up and sat at the edge of the bed for a while and then got 'up' and left.

Is this my sleeping angel? Can't help but wonder...