Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Random thoughts...

I should be studying for my Math Test tomorrow, but instead I am sitting here with too many thoughts in my head to concentrate, so maybe if I write them down I can make room for math in my brain? Ha Ha. Nobody reads this blog anyway, so, whatever, it's a good brain excercise.

My little Precious Prius (which I love, yes, Nick, I do, thank you) had a little problem with the battery (long story... moral is, if you have a hybrid, make sure all doors are always tightly closed! One of the doors got left "barely" ajar which completely drained the battery-sigh) and I got a chance to have a nice chat with the tow truck driver, which gave me a ride to the dealership, and to this nice man who gave me a ride back home and then a ride back to the dealership to pick up my car when it was ready today and I realized something. I have nobody to talk to. Seriously. Both the tow-truck guy and the driver for the dealer were so engrossed about my story about Nicky's EB and Greg's strokes and everything else in between, I mean, am I THIS lonely to struck conversations and tell my life story to complete strangers? I remember when I used to work at Babbage's and certain customers would come in very often just to have a chat with me and I often thought they were probably very lonely people. One particular customer took me out to Sushi after work even just to be able to talk to me more about his problems getting his new wife back to the US from China and more about his life story. Have I become one of these people? Hmmm... I think so. I am not alone, but I am lonely, that's for sure. Oh well. That is what I get for having lived in two different countries and in 4 states, I have friends everywhere, but not here, and I do mean friends you can go out with for lunch or for a drink. I was telling mom I have no shortage of friends per se, it's just that NONE of them are HERE. It's okay, I'll muddle through, not complaining at all, just stating matters.

I found that lately when I get mad about something, I go write in my book. It's extremely self-therapeutic. If I get mad is because apparently it strikes a nerve, which brings up a memory in my life, and so it goes. Speaking of which.. I cannot WAIT to talk to my dad about this Osama Bin Laden deal and get his prospective on things. My dad, which I respect and adore more than words can say, was a 15 years old teenager in Italy when World War 2 ended and Hitler committed suicide and Mussolini was executed in 1945. I am quite appalled to be honest when I hear people comparing and equating Al-Quaida's happiness when the twin towers got hit with Americans being happy when they heard Osama was killed. Frankly, I don't see the comparison at all. It's like comparing the Japanese being happy when they bombed Pearl Harbor and everyone being happy when Hitler died. The two 'happiness' can't truly be compared because one is a happiness out of pure evil, while the other is from eradicating evil. I really want to ask my dad if anyone in Italy was 'sad' that Mussolini died... I get a feeling he'll have a good, hearty laugh!! My dad is uber-political, and I find it interesting how, even though I never even knew what 'party' he belonged to (and in Italy in the 70s they had 30 or so parties!!!) when we compared notes in the late 90s I was definitely my father's daughter. Then again, having been born and raised in Europe does bring me a certain prospective on things that cannot be easily explained, just lived.

Okay, I think my head is clearer now. Bring on Factoring Out Equations! Ick.