Monday, February 15, 2010

Greg Update 2/15/10

I can't believe it's already mid-february. Where does time go?

So... yesterday we had our Valentine's Day. Lots of chocolates. Connor probably had the best time of all. I worked most of the day so I was exhausted when I got home. I put my glittery v-day hat on and cooked Pizza Margherita and Shrimp. That's as close to a V-day dinner as we'll see in years to come. Dinner out? What's that?

Greg is improving. Yes, it's slow, but it's happening. I notice he walks a smidge faster and he can do most things on his own, or, at least, tries to. When he can't he thinks outside of the box, it's funny. His arm is possibly what is making the slowest progress. He leaves a bit earlier for work on most days so he can go to the gym there. He was happy that he's now able to lift some weights with that arm, but it's still incredibly painful to move that arm behind his head. We're working on it. I bought a heat massager and he really likes it, he can feel the difference the next day.

Greg is now driving himself to work one or two days a week, that is amazing! The other days his friend gives him a ride. It works out quite well for him.

His diet of course had to change since he got home. While his cholesterol and triglicerides #s were not particularly off the charts when he had his stroke (which was caused by that genetically thin vein), and his number have since dropped to the normal levels, we still got to work in finding foods that were low in sodium and fat/cholesterol content. Then we watched the documentary "Food Inc." (nominated for an Oscar BTW) and "King Corn" and that was it. I can't believe what is happening with the food supply in the US, it's disgusting. We're now supporting REAL farmers and supporting OUR health by buying organic foods all around. Greg was in the thinking that Organic foods would not taste good but... guess what? It tastes BETTER. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said: "Buy Organic Food... your grandparents called it "food"." Greg had a chuckle! It tastes better because it does not have any pesticides, antibiotic, growth hormones and any of those ingredients you can't pronounce. Does it cost more? Sure, a bit. But to us is 100% worthed. We never eat out at restaurants anyway, so we have a budget for it. We can make cuts elsewhere. Our health is our #1 priority.
For those of you who have seen the movie "SuperSize Me" about a guy who ate at McDonalds every day for 30 days, it's really a no brainer. Fast food is not good for you. Even Subway, heavily advertized on shows like the Biggest Loser, is not exactly health food-the sodium is sky high. Greg was shocked-he ate at Subway at least once a week. No more. I buy low-sodium deli for him to make sandwhiches with.
I was raised in Italy so I never ate that way, my grandma had a mini-farm so I grew up eating tons of veggies and fruits, fresh eggs and chicken. I always cook at home and rarely I eat out (and my #s have never been out of range my whole life), but I know the general population in the US has some learning to do.  I know Greg sure did. We feel empowered and with our health under control we'll never have to worry about strokes or heart attacks ever again. It was a wake-up call. There is an old saying in Italian that says that 'not all bad things come to hurt you' and we're starting to feel that way now.

I want to thank everyone that always asks about Greg or Nicky, they are my life so it means a lot to me when other people care.

Silvia and Family