Thursday, February 18, 2010

My personal IDOL favorites of the top 24...

Okay, not to brag or anything, but I am pretty good at picking the winners or at least the ones that will make it far in the competition. Kelly was my favorite from the auditions on season 1. Clay was my fave from the auditions on season 2, I picked Daughtry as my fave from the auditions on his season and I only had eyes from Adam last season after the auditions just to name a few ;-)

This season I truly believe Aaron and Katie will go FAR!!

Aaron Kelly

16 years old

Sonestown, PA

Casey James

27 years old

Fort Worth, TX

Crystal Bowersox

24 years old

Elliston, OH

Katie Stevens

17 years old

Middlebury, CT

Lacey Brown

24 years old

Amarillo, TX

Michael Lynche

26 years old

Astoria, NY

Siobhan Magnus

19 years old

Barnstable, MA

Tyler Grady

20 years old

Nazareth, PA