Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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I got Nicky's spring pictures from school yesterday, so I looked up my pre-made layouts so I could show everyone! Nicky looks SO CUTE in this pic my heart melts. This pic was taken a few days after his dental surgery when the dentist removed 7 baby teeth! He's my trooper and always will. Hard to believe he's 11.5 years old. Where does time go? Where's my baby?

As a quick update on his EB... so far so stable. He's been sick so he's had a lot more mucus to deal with than normal, so he's been pretty miserable. Nicky has allergies that get better or worse depending on the time of the year. We think it has to do with pollen or whatever. Anytime we go anywhere like Arizona they disappear. We can't test him because allergies test need to be done on the skin... so...

Nicky is now in 6th grade and doing okay. This has been a TOUGH year schoolwise for him, but he's developed a liking for the Lemony Snickets books, he's also read the books from the movies Chronicles of Narnia, Spiderwick Chronicles & Mr. Magorium Magic Emporium. He's looking forward to CAMP as usual, which we'll go to toward the end of June. Next year he'll officially be in Middle School, I am really worried because the other middle school was horrible, so we'll have to move him to another mid-high nearby, which might be okay because all his friends from his elementary school days go there so he'll already have friends!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for my angel!

.. until next time!
hugs, Silvia


Jennifer said...

I am so glad Nicky is doing well! That picture is adorable :) I'll be praying for the school situation and the allergies! Keep in touch!

Liesbeth said...

Hi sweetie! I'm glad I found your blog (in fact for once I read your e-mail about Nicky's schoolphoto from top to bottom and there I found your addy... So good to see you have your creative outlet too! I'm a paper scrapper and I love it! It sooooo helps me coping with the eb stuff sometimes. I'll be back Sylvia!
Hugs - Liesbeth