Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is my scrap lesson 30 of the Winni Scrapbooking lessons. This is probably one of my favorite vacations of my life. My mom's cousin Silvana unfortunately died of Cancer in 1974 and they were super-close, she was even my younger sister's Godmother. The following summer her husband and the children (my second cousins) who were alone and quite upset (as one can imagine) decided to vacation together with us in the Veneto region (in Italy, of course). At the time my grandparents owned two homes in a little village called Lusiana where they were born, married, and where my dad and his two sisters were born, so there was enough room and a spot for us to stay and visit the beautiful nearby spots such as Lake Garda, Venice etcetera.

I will never forget that summer. I loved both Pinuccia, who is a couple of years younger than me and her brother Gianni, a couple of years older than me. We basically grew up together. I am still close to them til this day and always make sure I visit them when I go to Italy.