Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here's one I did for my little one. It was a Winni Scrap tutorial #29... notice the footsie coming out of the frame...

This tutorial was not very easy to do, I should have picked something more squarish or an easier shape, the foot was problematic, but I do love how it came out!

Here Connor was 7 months old and in his Easter outfit, I LOVE IT! At 7 months, Connor barely knew how to sit up well so I ended up taking almost 100 photos that day trying to get a good shot! This is one of the handful that came out good that day.

I am still feeling BLAH today emotionally, I just hope I don't get sick. My husband was so sick he had to go to the Doctor and that happens very rarely, so I hope the kids and I don't get sick as well.

Looking forward to American Idol tonight and Big Brother... ya know me, the Reality TV Queen!!