Saturday, November 07, 2009

Greg Update November 7th 2009

Greg had the first official outpatient Occupational therapist appointment this week. While he's making progress with his leg because he's forced to use his leg if he wants to get around (and the excercise bike also helps), his arm is another story entirely. We decided that the Therapist should solely concentrate on his arm to get the most out of it. The OT says that he must try to involve his left arm and hand in everything he does and gave Greg some excercises to do daily. He also has several excercises that he does for his leg on a daily basis. He told me he has noticed some muscle tone coming back on his leg and I see some slight improvement on his arm. He told me that today for his first time he could put his hand in his pocket easily, before it was a challenge. The OT will continue most likely for at least 2 months, once a week, and he's also getting bloodwork done weekly to check for a few things, but most importantly for the cumadin levels, as to keep his blood at the right concentration, not too thin, not too thick.

His cholesterol check came back and his numbers are great! He went from 250 to 165! That's amazing in just one month. Then again, I am cooking, so he's pretty much stuck with what I am serve, which is only white meat, veggies, fruit, pasta, bread and low fat stuff. I know how important nutrition is, and I've been working at it all my life. I get my #s drawn every year and they have never been out of the normal range. I think that while he's always worked hard at staying healthy, he might have overdone the red meat thing. That, plus a little dose of bad luck, since scans show he has no blockeage anywhere else, brain or heart. He's lost 20lb since the stroke and I personally think he looks amazing. He got his new laptop and he's loving it.

Greg plans to go back to work in early to mid-december and I think he'll be able to do it. That's when my leave ends as well. By then my classes will be over for the semester and the spring semester won't start until early February. This means I won't go back to have a FULL schedule until then, which I think is plenty of time to make sure I am here as much as possible to assist in his recovery. At work Greg at first will be doing paperwork or study until he gets stronger. They have been wonderful and very helpful. One of his co-workers told him he can ride with him to work. Greg can drive since his right hand and foot are good, but we want to wait until he's stronger to do that as well!

Not sure if I will update again real soon, most likely in a couple of weeks if there is significant improvement or news.