Monday, November 02, 2009

Official Blog... here from now on.

My official BLOG will be here from now on. This will be a mix of my life plus some scrapbooking/incredimail freebies thrown here and there.

This past month has been difficult to say the least, after Greg's stroke I had a mini-nervous breakdown. It wasn't pretty. I somewhat recovered, but it's going to take some time. I don't like that side of me when I have meltdowns, thankfully I see it very rarely. Greg is improving daily, his spirits are up and I hope the Phisical Therapist will be of some real help.

Nicky had his surgery and as of today he's fully healed. He can eat a lot more. He's been able to eat some Halloween candy, which is a first! Imagine that. I am still trying to get this darn transplant going. My last challenge is to locate the dermatologist that originally requested the diagnose, those records are who knows where and they are badly needed. We'll see how that goes.

Connor is my angel. He had a bad infection in his mouth but it's healing so I am happy about that. I hope he won't be too behind in school.

As per moi, my LOA ends in early december. This semester, which flew compared to the Spring semester, is going on fairly smoothly. Next semester I am hoping to be able to take math and photography or photoshop along with a history class of some sort or art appreciation. All required for my degree. Registration is November 20th.

I will still write updates in FB, but I wanted to make sure to use this as well.