Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Feelin' BLAH...

I am in a foul mood today, so please bear with me. I am so upset right now about a whole batch of things it's hard for me to look evenly at what's going on and make sense of it all.

I want to know why the powers that be-God or whoever is up there-does not like me or my family one tiny little bit. Everything has to be a struggle. EVERYTHING!!! WTF??

Last week I found out that Nicky's pediatrician apparently does not give a crap. Finally there is a CURE for my son's horrid condition, and she does not want to be made 'responsible' for the Bone Marrow Transplant. The Referral will have to come from somewhere else. While I am fairly certain that Nicky's hematologist will come through for us, it will not be over as simply as that. Here in California there are some nuisance called "Medical Groups". Any referral that deals with "out-of-network" procedure has to be 'peer reviewed' and might need a 2nd referral. This all BEFORE it even reaches the Insurance for THEIR approval! Of course I have to constantly call, email, leave messages for anyone to GET THEM to do anything. I am STILL waiting for hydrotherapy to come through for us, I've been waiting since January and I can't even get anyone to call me back. Lovely. AAARRGHHHH!!!

Then there's the mess my husband is in. We had paperwork for disability and workman's comp to fill out and we went in last week to get that taken care of. Now we find out that one is done, but the other one? They won't do it and they are giving me all this munbo jumbo how the insurance won't approve the doctor filling out paperwork? WHAT? All they had to do is fax some paperwork over and now the girl that promised me this is apparently on vacation until next week. Does anyone, anywhere, actually give a crap? Seriously?

It does not end there. All we need is a little part for Greg's brace which is wearing out and we are given the 'don't call us, we'll call you' routine, and, yes, they NEVER call. Why should I be surprised?

This give me just more material for my book. I have 13 years of stories of the inadequacies of the US Health Care System, the non-caring staffs, Nicky's various pediatricians' opinions on me overwrapping this kid that when I lightly wrap gets completely covered in wounds from scratching, or other doctors (and other parents) being mad at me for getting Nicky a power-chair (I am sick and tired of them telling me it's like "signing their death-sentence"-what am I supposed to do, PUSH him every flipping where?), the ridiculous system (and waste of time & money) that makes you go to a referred Doctor that knows NOTHING about EB just to get a referral to one that does, the system that gave my husband a prescription to a medication that CAUSED a second stroke-and nobody wants to take responsibility for it, the Insurance who-when Nicky was a baby and I was nearing a nervous breakdown, would refuse to send a nurse to help me out, I have so many stories, after stories after stories, and this just adds to the pile. My husband just told me today how I've been fighting for 13 years, why would a cure NOT be a fight? I just wish someone up there would give me a flipping break, is all.

Okay, thank you for letting me vent. Back to my corner. I've got a Birthday Party to organize.