Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter! Greg/Family Update 4/3/10

Happy Easter everyone!

I will start by giving a quick update on Greg's latest Doctor's appointments. He had a CAT scan last week and as per his Neurologist all the blood from the hemorrage is now completely re-absorbed. It's good news all around. He will start taking baby aspirin next week and that will be that as far as 'blood thinners'. When we saw his General Doctor he stated he wanted him on Vitamin D and he's also upping his Blood Pressure Meds a bit, we're trying to keep his blood pressure in check and it has been a tiny bit high, so that should fix it. His cholesterol numbers are still good and his tryglecerides are now in the normal range! Hurray!

In a few weeks we're finally having this appointment with the 'stroke experts' in Loma Linda which has been in the works since January. I used to work in Loma Linda 22 years ago (am I THAT old? Seriously!!) so this will be the first time I'll be in that neck of the woods since then. Should be interesting.

Greg is making very slow improvements. He still can't really walk without his brace and his arm is still a little numb. He tells me his face is a bit numb still as well. He excercises every other day (or every third) day very mildly and we'll keep it that way for a while. No need to stress anything with his blood pressure issues etc. His memory is improving. When he got home from the hospital he was scaring me a bit-there were two incidents where I clearly handed him something, he looked it over and he commented on it, and then the next day he was asking me about it as if he completely forgot about what happened the day before. He hasn't done anything like that since, so it's a good sigh. Phew!
He'll "probably" go back to work in late April, it's still all up in the air right now-we'll see.

Connor is always the same sweet little boy as ever. He loves playing mamma's Facebook games (his latest is Zoo Paradise, he wakes up in the morning and immediately wants to play, LOL), is doing good in school and his latest favorite toy he even sleeps with is his Zhu-Zhu pets. The Easter Bunny is putting a couple of more in his Easter Basket... shhhhh!!!

For those not following my Caringbridge Journal for Nicky, I started that Blog officially the other day as we get started on our Journey to possibly get a Bone Marrow Transplant for Nicky at the University of Minnesota, to go there and read all about my current situation with the referral (the red tape is absolutely ridiculous!) the link is:
click above the journal to get notifications as I update. Right now the updates won't be very often, but as we get closer they will for sure get heavier. We're planning to start the BMT sometime in 2011, depending on Greg's recovery.

Our Easter will be as usual-just us four. Easter Bunny visiting, a ham, some mashed potatoes, and tons of CHOCOLATE! Connor can't wait, LOL.

Happy Easter!

Silvia and Family