Saturday, May 03, 2008

I could not go to sleep tonight before putting together another page. I probably won't be able to make another one for several days. The BIGGER VERSION of this one is uploaded here:

I used a quickpage for this one again, at 10:30pm, after the day I had, I thank God for the QP, I saved quite a few in the past several months, and I am happy I did.

This photo was taken in Christmas 1969. From the left is my dad, my nonna and nonno, my aunt Anna, myself and my sister. As you can tell on the table is the famous Panettone and my aunt had gotten me these cute sewing cardboard pictures, they were pretty cute. The strange thing is that I actually remember them, I remember her giving them to me and then I saw my mom in the other room thanking her for giving both myself and my sister some towels for our 'wardrobe'. It's tradition in Italy to start putting things away for when the kids get married, but at 5 years old, I remember being disappointed that instead of getting another toy I got towels for when I got married. I laughed at it the other day to my husband, look, I told him, I have 40 year old towels!!! LOL Too funny!