Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I must admit... I feel pretty awful today. I was doing fine until the school called. Some girl, who obviously was not paying attention to where she was going, came around a corner skipping and tripped over Nicky's feet rest of his chair and fell right on TOP OF HIM!!!! The result... was skin off of Nicky's cheecks and a busted lip. Nicky is miserable. I made sure he was confortable and even though I was done on the computer for the day, I felt nostalgic and wanted to cheer up so I wanted to scan my senior pictures. Unfortunately the pictures I have are old and discolored or ruined. However, I found two in my Senior Year scrapbook that looked still quite decent, so even though they were wallet-sized, I scanned them at HIGH resolution, cleaned them up digitally from all the debris and speckles and made a page out of them. I will see if I can order some 8x10 of them too at Fotki.

So... that's the page I made using a QuickPage today. Pretty cute!
BIG Version is here: