Friday, May 09, 2008

I don't feel quite as creative today... so, this page I made out of a ready-made quickpage. The pictures were really small that's why I opted for them to be smallish on the page as well. One of the pics it's actually a bit blurred even, but still, these two pics were taken the same day on December 11th 1972. Gosh... so long ago... and... what the heck was I wearing? MOM??? LOL. Oh yeah... it was the seventies, I forgot! LOL!!!
Bigger version is here:
It's been a strange day. I worked this AM and then my ex came to get Nicky and it's so strange not having to worry about Nicky for a couple of days. This is a new thing. Nicky's dad only moved to this area late last year and until a couple of months ago he would come and visit and stay with us. Tomorrow should be a fun filled day... we're all going to a Walkathon for Fybromyalgia Awareness and will try to raise EB Awareness at a booth. One of the other EB moms is in charge of the whole thing and a few other moms I know will be there as well, should be pretty fun. I just hope that my voice comes back full force and that my coughs goes away!
I am listening to Clay's new album... LOVE IT! Yey!