Monday, May 19, 2008

Two more pages tonight. Not that I had time to do them, but I feel so crappy... I've had this sore throat now for a month. I am ready to go to the doctor!

This first page is my BEAUTIFUL Mom Laura. This was just before she got pregnant with me! Summer 1963. This is a quickpage by SnowsMoons Designs.
Bigger version here:

This second page was a LOT of fun to make. First, I ran across to this 'Great Guy Spotted' frame by Cherswitz... so cute... and so true! Greg is the love of my life hands down. I knew it from the first time I saw him on a November day in 1984. I always felt he was MINE. My only regret is that it took so darn long for us to get together! We only got married in 2002, but, as far as I am concerned, it was meant to me. For us to survive divorces, kids and to find each other and be as strong as we are... it's nothing short of remarkable. Nothing will ever pull us apart. This fall will mark the 10 year anniversary of us re-starting our relationship after a 14 year hiatus.
I put this page together using a kit from Shabby Princess (Urban Kiwi Kit).

Bigger version here: