Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nicky's been home since his "accident". Sigh. He'll go back to school on Monday, he was in just too much pain. I am just about to go play Mario Kart for the WII with him as soon as I am done with this!
Isn't this picture amazing? I was 2 years old and I am in my grandfather's arms. He's my mom's dad. It's a RARE photo with him, I only have a handful. He died when I was 13 of liver failure. In this photo with us are my sister Lorena below us and to the side my cousins Esther, Elena and Ivo. I am probably closer to Elena right now, she's a sweetheart, she lives close to my parents so I always get news from her family. She just recently became a grandmother, imagine that! My cousin Esther's son Sabino lives and works in Australia, the handsome devil. I hear from Ivo's wife every now and again.

Bigger version of this picture here: